Charles C. Min Hu, a Chinese Canadian, was born in Shanghai, China in 1956 and currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. Since 1973, he has been engaged in jade and ivory carving for 48 years. Charles graduated from the Shanghai Arts and Crafts Institute after 5 years studying sculptures and then came to Canada in 1988 to continue his art studies. In 1989, he began his career in Canadian Jade and Ivory carvings, whereafter he established his own carving studio in 2001. In 2014, Charles was awarded the honorary title of “Canadian Jade Master Sculptor.” As well, he is currently a guest professor at the Shanghai Art & Design Academy.

Charles is committed to the fusion of Eastern and Western art for innovation in Jade carving with a technique between abstract and figurative art. Charles focuses his talents mainly on North American wildlife sculptures. His artworks stress an unrestrained and simplistic style yet have a sense of unique volume and power, which gives audiences a feeling of weight and density. The combination of fullness and linearity makes the sculpture’s centerpiece stand out in the sculpture’s natural rough and sparse background, reflecting Charles’s distinctive and personal artistic style.

胡昌民Charles C Min Hu,加籍华人,1956年生于中国上海,现居加拿大温哥华。从1973年迄今从事玉石象牙雕刻48年,曾在上海工艺美术学校先后接受5年造型艺术教育。1988年来加拿大留学深造,1989年开始从事加拿大的玉石和古象牙雕刻,2001年建立自己雕刻工作室, 2014年起分别获加拿大玉雕大师、为上海工艺美术职业学院客座教授。